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Scanning service

Manager A

"Staples were previously...
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"Staples were previously removed by staff before scanning, but this led to increased labor costs when large amounts of staples needed to be removed. The process for removing staples has become a bottleneck for the scanning service. An electric staple remover would improve efficiency and reduce work time."

Scanning service

Operator B

"It's easy to use...
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"It's easy to use and really helps out. Anyone can easily remove staples regardless of their strength or experience. I used to hate removing staples because I would get sore arms and shoulders after only half a day of work, but now my job is much easier."


Office worker C

"I used to remove...
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"I used to remove staples with my nails. This was a strenuous task and I had to be careful not to rip the paper. Now I can easily remove the staples with the single press of a button. Now I don't need to worry about damaging my manicure! It's also nice that the staples are neatly stored away instead of being scattered around on my desk. Now I can't do without it."


Office worker D

"It was a pain...
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"It was a pain to have to remove staples when scanning. Now we have an electric staple remover next to the copier, I can immediately remove staples to easily scan, and I don't need to worry about damaging the documents as much."


Office worker E

"It was hard work...
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"It was hard work removing staples before shredding thick stacks of stapled sheets. I used to force paper into a shredder and this caused jams, but with this electric staple remover, I don't need to worry about jams as much."


Electric Staple Remover

Model name
Canon Product name 
Instant Staple Remover-A1
Instant Staple Remover-A1 UK
Canon Product code
3851V817 / 3851V818 (UK model)
Number of sheets staples can be removed from
Up to 30  sheets (80 gsm, No.35(26/6))
Staple  types
24/6,  26/6, 10, copier finisher staples
External  dimensions
126 (W) x 273 (D) x 105 (H) mm
2 kg
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